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  1. Hello! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is MON LLAMAS from HUGE MANUFACTURING CORP., a company that specializes in BED LINENS, PILLOWS and TOWELS.

    If you have any requirements for linens– id be happy to meet with you… i go up to Angeles every thursday.
    Please do contact me if you have some. 09178082648

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  3. hello dear marbleInnĀ“s…
    i would like to stay again in your place some days next week… my question: is it possible to leave 1 piece of my luggage in your hotel stuck room while i go to subic for 1 week until i will come back to your hotel?
    thanks for reply by mail
    cause im still in germany today…

  4. Hello! I would like to book a room for 2 nights, starting Saturday night, arriving at your hotel Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018 @ 1am-2am. I should check out Monday, Jan. 29 depending on my holiday situation. I would like to reserve a regular room, if possible. Hope your new Year is starting well, I am looking forward to my stay in Diamond. Thank You, Chuck

  5. Dear Belinda:
    My name is Will and I have stayed in room 14 many times. I will be arriving this Monday night (early Tuesday morning) depending on traffic. Will you please reserve 14 for me. I will be there for a couple of weeks. Will you please email to confirm. Thank you
    Will Rosenburgh

  6. Dear Ma’am/Sir,

    Good day!

    We, Escape Centre Travel and Tours would like to request an accreditation to your hotel. What are the requirements we need to submit? And also, we would like to know if how much commission do we get in every booking?

    Hoping for your response.

    Thank you!

    Ms. Joyce

  7. Hi, my husband and I with our 4 kids (2grade schools,1toddler,1infant) would like to stay on your budget/econo room on Sept.29 (9am) to Sept.30 (5am)…do we need to pay for reservation?

  8. Dear Ma’am,
    My name is Don Pottorff, the mission worker who stayed with you last April into May for 20 days. I stayed in room #1 paying 800 pesos per night. I will be arriving in Angeles City on the afternoon of Nov. 24 and staying for 3 weeks I very much enjoyed staying at the Marble Inn last time, and would very much like to stay with you again. I already have my airline ticket, arriving in Manila on Nov. 23, and will arrive in Angeles on the Fly the Bus van on the 24th. I am 78, as you know, and need to be in a room on the lower floor.
    Best regards, and thank you in advance.

  9. Hi Belinda,
    Just making sure of Russell’s and my booking on 30 June to 7th July . After our Cebu trip (4 days) we’ll be back on the 11th till 23rd July. We would love to have rooms 1,2 or 3. Ricky Mumbo cheers

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  12. Helo
    i`ve got a friend moving into your place today and was curious about getting some rooms. i`m australian 41 yr employed at the base, and have my filipino GF, her 11 yr old daughter and our 6 month old baby.. We wanna play 8 ball and sick of appartment we are renting as there is no tenants here , no water in swimming pool and basic low morale of staff. just enquiring about maybe two rooms next to each other or a 2br unit or what options you may have.. baby is very well behaved from what im told i`ts goes mental when hungry and never cries otherwise.. mum can be a bit louder at times haha but yeah if anything is available or suitable let us know. . we are not to fussy baby , mum and her 11 yr old normally sleep on the one bed ….. prob looking at at 1/2 months
    steve… ( i might even drop in and have a look in person but will wait for your response first)

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